Jeff is not only a piano teacher, but a piano technician as well! Whether your piano needs tuning, a new string, or a major repair, Jeff has done it all. Currently a member of the PTG. Tuning comes at a discount for students, schools and repairs are done at an hourly rate. Contact Jeff for more info today!

A piano, much like a home or a car, is a major investment that requires regular maintenance keep it working well and to maintain its value.


This is probably the most important thing in piano maintenance. Your piano was designed to have the A above middle C to vibrate at 440hz. This is standard across all instruments and is the pitch your piano sounds the best. There are a lot of factors which can cause your piano to fall out of tune. These include, but are not limited to, change in humidity, sunlight, use, time since last tuning, etc.

It is recommended that you get your piano tuned 2 times per year and 4 times per year if it is new. Keeping your piano in tune maintains long term tuning stability and maximizes your enjoyment of the instrument.

Pitch Raise

What happens if you miss a few tunings? The pitch of the instrument will have fallen so much that a pitch raise will be necessary for it to keep in tune. A pitch raise is basically a double tuning, which can be done in one visit or soon there after.

Bringing up the pitch of the strings adds stress onto the piano, and bringing up the pitch a lot adds so much tension that it distorts previously tuned notes, making a fine tuning impossible. The further your piano deviates from A-440 the longer it takes to have it hold in tune.


Regulation is a process which adjusts some of the piano’s over 9000 moving parts to keep it “playing like new”. Some noticeable symptoms of a piano that needs regulation work are: a hammer double striking string(s), sticky keys, poor repetition, weak sound, sluggish feel, uneven keys, among many others. Unlike tuning, it is difficult to say how much a piano needs regulation work and should be decided between the owner and technician.


It happens… sometimes things either on or in your piano break. Services include, but are not limited to, broken strings, missing/rebushing felts, loose pins, missing ivories, replacing parts, music rack repairs, etc. Cost of repairs include parts + labor.