This page has been created as a reference of policies I have as a piano technician. A lot of this applies only to institutional clients as opposed to private clients.

Broken Items: If a part of the piano breaks during work, if it is <8years old and not deemed to be defective from factory, I will repair for free. All other repairs will happen at cost.

Animal Remnants: I charge fees to dispose of various animal “debris”. Feces: $20, Large Feces: $40, Blood: $50, Corpse: $100. Please keep pianos away from basements, trash, garages, etc.

Payment Policy:

Due Date: Payment is due 14 calendar days from service in ALL cases. Failure to pay will result in the addition of interest at 27%. After 90 days of non-payment I will double any fee (interest included) and send it to collections. Any communications regarding sending the bill to collections will put client into “probation”. Probation is here defined as requiring all past bills paid and $500 deposit to schedule future tunings.