Thank you for your interest in piano lessons!

Below is an outline of what happens at the studio of Jeffrey Huspek. Jeffrey is based in Los Angeles, CA. Jeffrey has been teaching for 18 years and is a member of MTAC

Covid-19: All of Jeff’s lessons as of September 1st 2020 have been virtual, however in person lessons are available. To receive an in person lesson, the student must meet all requirements, NO EXCEPTION. These include, but are not limited to masks, testing, contact tracing, waiting periods. Jeff will provide sanitation materials.

What: First we learn how to read music and play with the correct posture. From there we explore music theory, different styles, etc. All of this to make the student understand and appreciate music.

Who: Anyone 5 years old and up. I also have experience teaching kids with special needs.

Where: I am based in Los Angeles, CA in the West of Lincoln Heights neighborhood. If you would like lessons in you home or in my studio, please contact me for more information. Virtual lessons are available throughout the duration of the pandemic.

How Long: Lessons are 45 minutes to an hour, with an exception for kids <6 years old.

What do I need: All you need is a piano to practice on, time to practice, and a willingness to learn!

What opportunities are out there for me: I hold at least one recital per year, as a member of MTAC each student can participate in the CM program or other recitals/competitions

Huh? If you have any questions, hit Studio Policy or Contact. I’d be glad to hear from you!

Jeffrey in his early days of teaching